Duterte son shoots aide for wife’s support to Nograles

DAVAO CITY – The son of a mayor in Davao reportedly shot his own bodyguard Saturday, May 8, upon learning that the victim’s wife volunteered to campaign for House Speaker Prospero Nograles who is running for mayor against a Duterte.

The shooting incident involving Paolo Duterte, a barangay captain and barangay representative to the Davao City Council, has been kept under wraps. “There is a news blackout on the incident,” a prober from the National Bureau of Investigation, who asked not to be named, told South-News.com.

Paolo figured in many violent incidents in the past, including the publicized mauling of a security guard in Bagobo Hotel. He has also been linked to drugs, illegal gambling and smuggling.

The NBI prober said Paolo was informed late Friday evening that the wife of his bodyguard, a certain Naresma, was spotted distributing campaign handbills of Nograles. She was seen with the company of Team Nograles campaigners at Mintal in Tugbok District.

On the same evening, Paolo reportedly looked for his bodyguard who was not on duty at that time.

The next morning, the bodyguard reported to Paolo’s residence and was shot.

Paolo, eldest son of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is a known hothead who keeps a collection of high-powered weapons. His sister Sara is running for mayor against Nograles.

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Ombuds calls Duterte men on P160M school fund scam


The Office of the Ombudsman in Manila is scheduled to begin today [April 8] a thorough probe on the alleged misuse of the Special Education Fund (SEF) by the Davao City Local School Board headed by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Councilor Ma. Belen Acosta.

Overall Deputy Ombudsman Orlando C. Casimiro ordered the personal appearance of top finance officials of the Duterte-Duterte administration following a series of revelations by Team Nograles and former Mayor Benjamin de Guzman that the special fund for public school teachers were wrongfully spent. The probe was called by the Ombudsman motu propio, or without the benefit of a formal complaint.

Team Nograles vice mayoral bet De Guzman earlier revealed that a report by the Commission on Audit (COA) showed that up to P11-million from SEF were used for partying and giveaways by under Duterte’s “Pahalipay Ni Mayor.” De Guzman said the law does not allow the use of the education fund for Duterte’s giveaway bonanza.

Team Nograles also said the COA report showed that over P100-million in school buildings constructed using the SEF could not be accounted for.

If the Ombudsman would find the irregularity to breach the P50-million threshold, Duterte and his officials could face plunder charges, a capital offense not qualified to bail.

A separate plunder case against Duterte and his officials was already filed at the Ombudsman by a lawyer from the Presidential Commission on Good Governments (PCGG). The case involved the missing P3-billion in properties, IT equipment, motor vehicles and other assets under the custody of the Duterte-Duterte administration.

In today’s hearing at the Ombudsman Office in Manila, required to appear are city treasurer Rodrigo Riola, city accountant Rizalina Justol and city auditor Alejandro Cal. They were required to bring with them pertinent documents on the use of the P160-million per year SEF by the School Board chaired by Duterte with a membership that included Acosta, former Councilor April Marie Dayap and other representatives of the education sector.

Dept. of Education (DepEd) school division superintendent Helen Paguican has also been required to attend today’s hearing. Paguican co-chairs the Local School Board.

Leaders of Team Nograles have said that the plunder case against Duterte and other city officials should have been expected. “Duterte had it coming,” House Speaker and mayoral candidate Prospero Nograles said of the plunder case.

“Duterte had been taunting, daring and publicly asking people to file charges against him,” Speaker Nograles noted. “People called Duterte’s bluff.”

Nograles also dismissed claims by Duterte that the he, as House Speaker, used his clout to initiate charges against the Davao City Mayor. “All of us public officials are vulnerable to court charges, including the president of the country,” Nograles explained. “I was also sued in the Supreme Court for standing by a member of Congress, but I defended myself and had the case was dismissed.”

Nograles advised Duterte to face the charges squarely and “stop concocting lies after lies.”

The Speaker said that Duterte once more lied when the mayor claimed in a public statement that the plunder case “was not based on a COA (Commission on Audit) report.”

“Of course Duterte was lying,” Nograles said, noting that it was widely reported both in national and local news reports that the plunder case filed by Atty. Pedro A. Domingo of the Presidential Commission on Good Government was based on official findings by COA.

A former assistant secretary to the Office of the Cabinet Secretary in Malacañang, Domingo cited the findings of the CoA on the state of financial affairs of the Duterte administration from 2003 to 2006. He specifically pointed to the properties and equipment that the Duterte administration failed to account during the 4-year period.

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26 top cops suspended over unresolved DDS killing

Twenty-six police officers from the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) and the Police Regional Office (PRO) 11 were placed under preventive suspension for six months without pay by the Office of the Ombudsman for their failure to solve the summary killings in Davao City.

In a 14-page order furnished to the Mirror by one of the suspended police officers, graft investigation and prosecution officer Francis Euston Acero said since the officers are “key police officials” in Davao City, their continued presence or stay in office will be prejudicial in the conduct of the investigation on them.

“Their continued discharge of their functions is likely to influence potential witnesses or result in tampering of original records that they may have in their possession that may be vital in the prosecution of the case.

The Ombudsman order, dated January 11, 2010, was “immediately executory” but was sent to Camp Crame only on April 16.

Ordered suspended were former DCPO director Superintendent Catalino Cuy, who is now serving as chief of the PNP directorate general, and current DCPO director Jaime Morente.

Also suspended were precinct commanders Chief Inspector Matthew Baccay, Chief Inspector Filmore Escobal, Chief Inspector Leandro Felonia, Chief Inspector Marvin Manuel Pepino, Chief Inspector Ranulfo Cabañog, Chief Inspector Vicente Danao, Senior Inspector Rebecca Climacosa, Superintendent Harry Espela,

Chief Inspector Napoleon Eguia, Superintendent Rommil Mitra, Inspector Maximo Atuel, Senior Inspector Arnfulfo Mahinay, Chief Inspector Romeo Morandante, Chief Inspector Alden Delvo, Chief Inspector Joseph Sepulchre, Senior Inspector Leonardo Viduya, Senior Inspector Yolando Bello, Inspector Rolly Tropico, Chief Inspector Dionisio Abude,

Senior Inspector Antonio Alberio Jr, Chief Inspector Juel Neil Salcedo, Superintendent Michael John Dubria, Chief Inspector Joselito Loriza, and Chief Inspector Joel Neil Rojo.

The ordered was signed by Overall Deputy Ombudsman Orlando Casimiro, a highly placed Mirror source yesterday Casimiro called up Crame three times to implement the order.

“From the records gathered by the fact finding team, elements of the Davao City Police Office failed to conduct any intelligence gathering to identify the perpetrators of the reported killings, even though the respondents as commanders of the Davao City Police Office could identify the areas where the killings took place,” the order said.

The Ombudsman said an affidavit-complaint was filed on April 1, 2009 by a group named Davao City Deserves Good Government Movement alleging that the Davao Death Squad (DDS) was responsible for the summary execution of more than 800 persons.

The group also alleged that high-ranking officers and personnel of the Philippine National Police were directly involved in the killings.

If the order is implemented, five precincts of the DCPO will not have precinct commanders, while the regional command will have seven of its intelligence officers out.

An emergency meeting among the affected officers was called by regional police director Chief Superintendent Pedro Tango yesterday afternoon. Editha Z. Caduaya

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Recorded Davao Execution

Davao city mayor gives NPA rebels P125M a year – INQUIRER.net


MANILA, Philippines—Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is annually giving P125 million to the communist insurgents, a retired police general on Tuesday said.

At the same time, Duterte has also been giving P375,000 per month to the New People’s Army (NPA), retired General Eduardo Matillano said, citing a memorandum supposedly issued by the rebel group’s Pambansang Komisyon sa Pinansya.

Matillano, a former interior and local government chief, claimed that Duterte began providing financial assistance to the insurgents in 2001 when he was reelected as mayor of the southern Philippine city.

Representative Jun Alcover, Jr. of party-list group Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) said in a press conference that Duterte, who is on his third and last term as mayor, is using the communist movement to advance his political interest.

“He is using the NPA to further his political ambition in Davao,” said Alcover.

Matillano said another memorandum issued by the NPA’s Pambansang Koman sa Operasyon, dated March 8, 2010, ordered the formation of the 250-strong Integrated Tactical Force for the electoral race in Davao City.

These insurgents will be augmented by 50 “elite-forces” from the NPA’s National Operations Command with expertise in bombing and terrorism, said Matillano, a Puerto Princessa City mayoral candidate.

Citing the same document supposedly seized from the communists, Matillano said that the NPA guerrillas were ordered to launch ambuscades, harassments and bombing activities.

When asked if the authenticity of the recovered documents allegedly from the NPA rebels had been verified, Matillano said: “These have been verified by assets.” He did not disclose who these assets are, saying only that they are within the NPA ranks.

“We would like to show the connection of Duterte with the NPA,” Alcover said when asked by media members why they are disclosing this now, just days after reports of Duterte’s support to Liberal Party standard bearer Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III came out.

“This is a national security matter which is not entirely political,” Alcover said.

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‘Davao Death Squad victims neither smugglers nor drug lords’ | The Philippine Star

Check out this website I found at philstar.com

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